Watch: The UK’s Coronavirus Response

Watch: The UK’s Coronavirus Response 800 450 Wera Hobhouse MP

On Wednesday I hosted an online event with Dr Bharat Pankhania.

Bharat is respiratory specialist to infectious disease specialist, with over 20 years of experience in the field. He worked for Public Health England prior to taking up his current role as Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School.

We had a wide-ranging discussion, with Bharat fielding questions from the audience.

It’s clear that the government’s handling of the crisis has been shambolic, especially concerning their failure to test and trace, and the delay in taking appropriate lock down measures.

In the words of Dr Pankhania:

“With testing and tracing, we have buried our head in the sand. We just haven’t done it. We are a first world country. If Germany can do it, we can do it. We have made a mistake, we need to answer for it, and hold people accountable.”

Please listen to the arguments made here carefully!